Finite-time stability of polyhedral sweeping processes with application to elastoplastic systems

Stabilization of the response of cyclically loaded lattice spring models with plasticity

This paper develops an analytic framework to design both stress-controlled and displacement-controlled $T$-periodic loadings which make the quasistatic evolution of a one-dimensional network of elastoplastic springs converging to a unique periodic …

One-period stability analysis of polygonal sweeping processes with application to an elastoplastic model

Structurally stable families of periodic solutions in sweeping processes of networks of elastoplastic springs

Networks of elastoplastic springs (elastoplastic systems) have been linked to differential equations with polyhedral constraints in the pioneering paper by Moreau (1974). Periodic loading of an elastoplastic system, therefore, corresponds to a …

Global asymptotic stability of nonconvex sweeping processes

On the stability of perturbed semigroups in partially ordered Banach spaces

Moreau's Sweeping Process

Moreau's Sweeping Process, its stability and applications. Networks of elastoplastic springs.

Exponential stability of positive semigroups in Banach spaces